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Vueron provids LiDAR perception software for ADAS and autonomous driving system.

Company profile

Vueron is a LiDAR perception software provider founded in 2019 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company also has regional offices in the US and Germany.

Vueron's DL-based LiDAR perception software, VueOne, can be installed in vehicles as an embedded system along with a LiDAR sensor. This software detects, tracks, and classifies objects in real-time, placing them into five categories: cars, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other unknown objects.

Also, VueOne offers various advanced functions for autonomous vehicles, including lane detection, multi-LiDAR calibration, ground height detection, as well as providing speed and velocity information.

It is compatible with automotive-qualified chips from Renesas, TI, and Nvidia, enabling real-time processing.