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Bundesverband Smart City e.V. -  German Smart City Association -  IAA Smart City Area
Interdisciplinary research and education for sustainable digitalisation (#BVSC)

Company profile

The charitable non-profit German Smart City Association (a.k.a. Bundesverband Smart City e.V. a.k.a. #BVSC) is the holistic, interdisciplinary research and education platform for the intelligent city of the future.

The BVSC focuses on the following topics

  • rational resource generation and distribution with a focus on sustainable and regenerative energy generation, storage, distribution and use

  • new mobility concepts

  • innovative health prevention and care

  • intelligent housing, living, learning and working in an ageing society (demographic change)

  • data protection and security, taking privacy and personal rights into account.

It is of crucial importance to involve all social actors and primarily the residents of the smart city/region in this research and development process.