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Gentex Corporation

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Digital vision, dimmable glass, driver/cabin monitoring and much more...

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Gentex Driver Monitoring

Gentex has developed a holistic, rearview-mirror-integrated driver monitoring system that

uses an infrared-sensitive, high-resolution camera that combines machine vision, depth perception, and micro-vibration detection.

This proprietary sensor configuration allows the system to not only monitor the driver, but also the entire vehicle cabin and all its objects and occupants, assessing their behavior, gestures, and activities. The system tracks driver head pose, eye gaze, and other metrics to determine distraction, drowsiness, sudden sickness, and return of manual control in semi-autonomous vehicles. The system can be easily expanded to include 2D and 3D cabin monitoring for detecting passengers, behavior, objects, and even presence of life. Additionally, machine olfaction sensors can be added to provide a digital sense of smell for detecting airborne chemicals and particulates, helping keep passengers safe and vehicles up and running.

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Gentex Fahrerbeobachtungssystem

Gentex has developed a holistic, rearview-mirror-integrated driver...



Gentex Corporation
600 North Centennial Street, Zeeland, MI 49464, USA
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