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IPGlass GmbH
3D Thermoforming of glass for interior & exterior. Complex, also with structur.

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Complex 3D forming of sheet glass

IPGlass has succesfully transfered a plastic forming process into glass materials.

TSM (Thermo Sheet Molding) of glass is similar to thermoforming of plastic film. TSM is the most advanced process available to form full 3D glass products. TSM makes 3D glass forming go "unlimited".

Complex 3D-shapes and detailed surface structures are possible.

Almost all sheet glass materials, glass sizes and glass thicknesses are suitable.

Logos, icons and haptic surface structures can be combined with almost every geometry.

The process is already used for mass production for consumer electronics and automotive interior parts.

Interested companys can acquire the process in license and run their own production.

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3D Thermoforming of glass