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Lampert Precision Welding
TIG pulse precision welding of thinnest materials (0,1-1,0 mm)

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Lampert Precision Welding is technology leader in precision welding of metals and weldable alloys. The unique characteristic of all Lampert precision welding devices is the TIG pulse welding technique ("Lampert principle") which facilitates high-precision and durable welding connections of metals without heat strain. This allows welding of material thicknesses down to 0,1mm.

The technology is highly versatile: Besides common joint welding with and without welding wire, Lampert welding devices are also suitable for electrical contacting of sensitive electronics, applying metal for repair purposes, recovery of wear erosion, and prototyping of complex structures, to name a few.

Lampert was found in 2001 and currently exports its welding devices to more than 100 countries worldwide. 

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