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Disrupting AD - the world's most advanced pure Solid-State Scanning LiDAR tech

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Opsys has developed the world’s most advanced pure solid state scanning LiDAR. Based on an addressable VCSEL array - SPAD receiver, it has no moving parts. The patented tech enables a real-time, 4D point cloud. Opsys provides a long range of 300m, high-res with extreme reliability, but is cost-effective as the tech is semiconductor-based. Such scalability makes Opsys’ solution extremely competitive so will democratize ADAS. In 2024 it will be automotive-grade ready & move to mass production. It is a flexible solution as there are various integration options, e.g. behind the windshield or in the lighting system, which bring additional benefits. Opsys has strong relationships with global OEMs & Tier1s. Founded in 2016, with offices in Israel (HQ), USA, APAC & EU, Opsys has major investment.

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Pure Solid-State Scanning LiDAR - Patented Tech

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