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Tsubaki Deutschland GmbH
TSUBAKI has 106 years history and innovative clutches for new mobilities.

Company profile

TSUBAKI was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of bicycle chains.

Since then, we progressed chain technology and expanded company.

We have supplied timing chain systems to car makers all over the world.

We have also supplied clutches to several automotive and motorcycle manufacturers over 20 years.

We offer bespoke solutions to various applications for new e-Mobility.

  • Parking lock system: can make smaller e-Axle by using our Roller Ratchet Selectable Clutch
  • Disconnect system: can make higher efficient e-Axle by our Roller Ratchet Selectable Clutch, Cam Selectable Clutch or Cam & Roller Clutch
  • Torque limiting function: can make smaller e-Axle by using our Torque Limiter Clutch
  • e-Bike drive unit: can make smaller drive unit by using our Cam & Roller Clutch

Novelties & premieres


Roller Ratchet Selectable Clutch


Cam Selectable Clutch


Torque Limiter Clutch


Cam & Roller Clutch