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Emblems and design elements by ULBRICHTS make letterings become branded cars.

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ULBRICHTS GmbH was founded in 1796 in Ludenscheid, Germany, originating in manufacturing knobs and buttons.

Today, we are the European market driver in nameplates, design elements, and emblems for the automotive industry (100k pcs. of emblems/day).

Around the globe, automotive manufacturers trust us with their most precious detail: their logo.

The high-quality emblems, logos, and design elements offered by ULBRICHTS Automotive make letterings become branded cars while withstanding all kinds of environmental impact even in the long run: in the desert heat, the freezing cold, or the urban jungle.

We are the 1st choice for automotive exterior parts, emblems, nameplates, and design parts.

We stand for the highest automatization in the market enabling BEST QUALITY & COST in HIGHEST QUANTITIES

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