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Vitrite Middelburg bv
Vitrite: manufacturer of plastic and metals parts for automotive components.

Company profile

Vitrite was founded in 1893, as a component manufacturer. The innovation centre and production are based in Middelburg in the south of the Netherlands. Vitrite is a high-tech, former Philips Automotive company. Mass manufacturing of high-end components has been in our genes. Our products are metal, plastic or metal-plastic subassemblies, for example applied in lamps (halogen & LED) and sensors. Vitrite is specialized in designing and producing high-reliability, high-precision parts for application under highly demanding conditions.
We have in-house deep-drawing facilities and fully automated insert-moulding lines. Assembly lines can add functionality to our products. We have extreme good competences in thermal management, material usage and mechanical engineering in the connector-market.

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