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PREEN unlocks new business opportunities in the carwash industry

PREEN unlocks new business opportunities in the carwash industry. It's not just the washing results that get faster, more precise and better with a PREEN system:

Carwash operators are fascinated because the PREEN system increases their bottom line through higher productivity, less maintenance and lower operating costs. They are excited to differentiate from their competitors by offering touchless cleaning and attract the important customer group of car enthusiast that avoid traditional brush washes. Growth through PREEN.

Car wash machine manufacturers see PREEN as the future of car wash. The PREEN technology expands their product portfolio and will replace part of it as touchless robotics car wash offers tremendous advantages for operators and end customers. Safe your ticket to the future.

End customers love the PREEN car wash technology because it breaks the boundaries of existing car wash systems. Having their cars washed by robots ensures perfect cleaning and drying results – without even touching the car. In addition the robotics car wash is an exciting and totally new experience for them, their families and friends. The future of car wash.

Last but not least, the PREEN car wash uses water and air exactly at the places where needed. This results in essential savings of water, electricity and soap and therefore reduces the CO₂-footprint of car washing significantly.

Talk to the experts of autonomous robotics car wash. Welcome to PREEN. The future of car wash starts now.

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