Aussteller- und Partnerverzeichnis

AUTOCRYPT secures in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, and Plug&Charge.


AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility technologies. It specializes in the development and integration of security software and processes for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, and Plug&Charge, paving the way toward a secure and reliable C-ITS ecosystem.

AUTOCRYPT's V2X PKI is compliant with all three major SCMS standards (US SCMS, EU CCMS, and Chinese C-SCMS). The solution can be offered with an Integrated Management System (IMS), allowing for centralized control. The company is also accredited by WebTrust as a root CA for V2X PKI. 

AUTOCRYPT is a pioneer in integrating trusted execution environments (TEE) into automotive systems, for which it received ASPICE CL2 certification.