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Carrar produces a superior thermal management system for EV batteries.


Carrar delivers thermal management solutions (TMS) for the automotive industry using an innovative two-phase immersion technology.

Our offering includes battery modules for electric vehicles (EV) with internal thermal management and direct contact evaporators for cooling the powertrain and In-Vehicle computers.

The Carrar system dissipates heat twice as fast as current solutions and optimal battery temperature at any climate and through ultrafast charging.

We have successfully doubled the lifetime of EV batteries, lowering EV cost of ownership so electric vehicles are attainable by more people worldwide. We also help reduce the highly polluting production of lithium-ion batteries.

Carrar is an ESG company that supports environmental and sustainability regulations. We have ongoing projects with world-leading automakers and Tier 1 companies in the USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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Carrar Thermal Management System