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Seoul Robotics

Seoul Robotics

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Seoul Robotics' 3D perception platform is powering the future of autonomy.


Seoul Robotics is a 3D computer vision company. The company’s 3D perception platform, using deep learning AI, makes sense of 3D data and delivers unparalleled insights to increase accuracy, efficiency and ensure safety. 

Seoul Robotics is taking a novel approach to achieving Level 5 autonomy for the finished vehicle logistics market with Autonomy through Infrastructure (ATI). The solution, LV5 CTRL TWR, uses a mesh network of sensors and computers on infrastructure to guide vehicles autonomously without requiring sensors be placed on individual vehicles. Thousands of vehicles can be autonomously driven simultaneously in a controlled network, safely navigating around obstacles and other vehicles, using only a few sensors. 

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Autonomy through Infrastructure


Seoul Robotics
147 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners 30092, USA
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