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USA Group
Engineered high precision machined parts for e-mobility, efficiency and security

Company profile

Boasting 7 world-class production sites and over 160 state-of-art cutting-edge lathes, USA Group produces around 320M turned parts with 100M€ turnover. We work to the highest quality standards, applying sophisticated technology and innovative techniques to produce bespoke turned components in tailor-made batches. 
USA Group was founded in 1965 as the specialist bar turning company: Ugarteburu. The business has since then expanded to include 7 companies now making the Group: 6 manufacturing sites and 1 tool shop to design and adapt the tooling precisely to each manufactured part.
Our core business is mainly focused on Automotive, eMobility and Appliances. Across these sectors, our parts are spread Worldwide following our philosophy: excellence in quality, customer service and competitiveness. 

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