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Software that facilitates the mobility of electric cars, trucks and fleets.


BeNomad optimizes e-mobility, accompanying fleets and drivers at all stages of their journey. 
Our products are designed to accompany the EV transition, to facilitate the operation of EV or to enhance the EV driving experience: 

-  Ev-Move Fleet: Facilitates the electric transition by analyzing a fleet and providing the key indicators to make the right electrification decision. 

-  Ev-Move is the driver’s travel companion with bespoke route-planning, navigation and charging solutions for a unique EV driving experience. 

Already trusted by major companies such as Renault, Allianz, Europcar, Freshmile, BeNomad enables their technology partners such as OEM, eMSP, CPO and software editor to be part of the electric revolution with our innovative applications, APIs or SDK. 

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